Two months after the official disbandment of girugamesh, drummer Ryo surprisingly reveals more material from the band. It is the demo version of the song Period! The tentative titled for it was apparently Unwish, and unlike the final name, this definitely sounds a lot more regretful than the abrupt title Period. You’ll hear “Unwish” being screamed in both the demo and the final version around 1:52.

It’s also notably that the demo version was tuned down three half steps from the final version, so it was actually meant to be gloomier to begin with. Maybe the band didn’t want their legacy to end on such a depressing tone, and instead went for a higher range of notes — to make the end a bit more bearable (both for the band and the fans)? The most notably however is most likely the mix of the song itsself, with its higher frequency toned down, making it significantly less metal sounding.

From this we also got information that Ryo did not only compose the instrumental parts, but he also wrote the lyrics. In the past this has been vocalist Satoshi’s role in majority of songs. Those who took a listened attentively, you might have noticed that the first part of the song was a little bit different. That’s because the lyrics wasn’t finalized back then. Ryo was kind enough to make the entire lyrics available in the description of the video, so check it out!


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