This year’s Knotfest will feature two great contributions from Japan. Japanese bands MAN WITH A MISSION and SiM will be a part of this year’s lineup. Although the tour consists of two days, both MAN WITH A MISSION and SiM will be playing on the second day, Sunday September 25.

Knotfest, the festival held annually by popular American band Slipknot, features a menagerie of attractions for fans near or far. With a bit of a focus on fire and pyrotechnics, the festival includes classic carnival attractions such as freak shows, rides, and stunt performances throughout the day. A key component to this year’s Knotfest is the merging with Ozzfest. This year the festival will be called Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. The addition of Ozzfest serves as a greater platform for exposure for artists in attendance.

Interestingly enough, both festivals have also made appearances in Japan. Other artists from Japan have also performed at Knotfest in the United States, from ONE OK ROCK, Maximum the Hormone, Her Name in Blood and even MAN WITH A MISSION.

It is clear by the return of MAN WITH A MISSION that performing at Knotfest is a great way to get exposure in the west. In fact, the year that MAN WITH A MISSION first performed at Knotfest, 2014, drew a crowd of over 50,000! Hopefully  with this amount exposure, both SiM and MAN WITH A MISSION can start touring more widely.

Fans in attendance can look forward to MAN WITH A MISSION returning with a great new set list. Fans are likely to hear some of their newest tracks from “The World’s on Fire”. Meanwhile, we can expect to hear a lot from SiM with their recent release of “The Beautiful People”. The entire event will take place in San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino California September 24 to September 25. Attendees should also keep a lookout while on the grounds. It is common for artists to explore when off stage.

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