After entering hiatus, LADYBABY returns with a series of announcements and changes. Opening on a sad note, Ladybeard has left the idol group (not to be confused with the group name “LADYBABY”). Furthermore, the group has changed their name to The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY. Taking a step away from their original maid attire, The Artist Formerly Known as LADYBABY, now dons a more Aztec or Mayan ceremonial garb. The group has also announced their first live to be performed without Ladybeard. The performance will take place Saturday, September 17 at Ebisu Liquid Room.

The late American rock star, Prince, once underwent a similar change. However, Prince’s changes seem to be more from dissatisfaction. When Prince was stuck in his Sony contract he gave up his name in favor of a symbol to work according to his own will. At the time of the change Prince became The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. He also bolstered the word SLAVE across his face to make a statement. Luckily, It does not seem like this is the case with LADYBABY. Their video announcement shows a playful happy pair. However, Prince’s story might lead some to think there are ulterior motives to the change. But, it’s not like idols are just slaves to the music industry in Japan.

Since their debut many have considered them the rivals to the popular BABYMETAL. The main differences for these bands was LADYBABY’s use of Ladybeard. Without Ladybeard it will be interesting to see how the remaining idols fight to be different from BABYMETAL. Their next live will definitely be look into the future for the idols. Hopefully fans will also get information on the significance of the egg in the group’s new photo. On a side note, If any idols need another large man in a dress, they can always contact me. I might not be as built as Ladybeard, unfortunately.

Below are the new individual images of the members:


Vocalist Rei(れい)


Vocalist Rie (理江)

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