We’re back with the fourth edition of Discover Jrock Bands in which we introduce you to new bands we find interesting. This month we will cover Glamhaze (グラムヘイズ), KAVKA (カフカ) and Insanity Injection.

Last month we covered Grimoire (グリモア), Rides in ReVellion and Vexent. If you spot a new band you like, feel free to suggest your finding in the comment section below and we will try to include it in the upcoming editions.

Glamhaze (グラムヘイズ)

Did you wonder what the members of JILLED RAY where up to after they ended activities last November? Well, they began anew with an extra guitarist, Neru, under the name Glamhaze (グラムヘイズ)! They kicked off their activities with the single Hanamuke no Uta (ハナムケのウタ) on January 27 and held their first free one-man live at Shibuya REX two days later, on January 29. In addition, Glamhaze will be releasing one single every two months until November:

March 30: Chippoke na Pride (ちっぽけなプライド)
May 25: Mousou Spice (妄想スパイス)
July 27: to be announced
September 28: to be announced
November 2: to be announced

Watch the preview of the first released single and the two upcoming singles in the video below. Chippoke na Pride (ちっぽけなプライド) is available on CDJapan for pre-order now. Besides the five upcoming singles, they will hold their next one-man live at TSUTAYA O-West on August 10.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (SaToRu)
Twitter (Ray)
Twitter (Neru)
Twitter (Hayato Serizawa (芹沢 隼人))
Twitter (YOSHI)

KAVKA (カフカ)

Ex-Lost Valentine members who recently quit the session band Daremo Shiranai. (誰モ知ラナイ。) returned as the new band KAVKA (カフカ).

The band is composed of vocalist Nil (弐流), guitarist Touya (冬也), guitarist Mikage (美影), Bassist Seira (星羅) and drummer Itoha (絲芭).
They will release their first maxi single Inflection / Disco Cute  and two one-coin singles Inflection and Disco Cute on March 9. This single is available on CDJapan for pre-order now.

KAVKA will hold their first live at Ikebukuro EDGE together with Sick2, Sibilebashir (シビレバシル), Zonbi (ぞんび), Develop One’s Faculties, MORRIGAN, Liraizo (リライゾ) and REIGN on April 14.

More info:
Official Website

Insanity Injection

Insanity Injection 3
The theatrical Kyoka (狂華) is back with a brand new band, Insanity Injection, as well!
You might recognize Kyoka from any of the other bands he used to be in: desir (デジール), Despair, autium, Aliene Ma’riage, Cupid, Deflina Ma’riage, Chaos System, DROSERA OBLAAT., Pink-Tribal.

What makes Insanity Injection most interesting, is that they have two vocalists! Kyoka is sharing his position with no one less than the as theatrical vocalist of Glamscure, Chaos (ケイオス). The other members are guitarist Makoto (魔琴), guitarist Gaga (蛾々), bassist Hideaki (秀暁) and a support drummer who goes by the name Taji (多時).

Their first single ADVENT OF SLAUGHTER, which is available in a GORE and a CARNAGE edition, got released on February 17. You can get both editions from CDJapan. The band held their first live SLAUGHTER BANQUET at Osaka BIG CAT on February 22 and the next live will be at Nagoya Imaike 3STAR on March 15. Check the full music video for B.R.N., the first song on the single ADVENT OF SLAUGHTER, below.

More info:
Official Website

What do you guys think of these new bands? Feel free to share your thoughts on them in the comment section below!

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