Welcome once again, to another edition of Discover Jrock Bands in which as the name suggests, the JROCK NEWS team introduces you to newcomer bands we find interesting. Today we will cover the band Grimoire (グリモア), Rides in ReVellion and Vexent.

Last month we covered NiAS, Pinnochio and Shiva. If you spot any new band you like, feel free to suggest your finding in the comment section below and we will try to include it in the upcoming editions.


grimoire new look

Grimoire (グリモア) made their official debut at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on August 23 last year. This band has made huge leap in both visuals and sound, as the whole instrumental part of the band were ex-members of the oshare kei band Choujikuu ANDROID -PIECE- (超時空アンドロイド-PIECE-) which lasted five years before its disbandment in 2014. As for the vocalist, he is the previous vocalist of the visual kei band Diement.

At the moment, the band only released two singles, Hitori Topia (ひとりトピア) in September and Boku to Tulpa (ぼくとタルパ) in December of 2015. Check out the music video for Boku to Tulpa below, I assure you should not miss the sound this band provides:

More info:
Official Website

Rides In ReVellion

rides in revellion

Rides In ReVellion (RIR) is a visual kei band formed in March, 2015 by the members vocalist Kuro (黎), guitarist TaJI and drummer Ame (飴) from the now disbanded Black September. They started as a three man band, with a support bassist. Later in August, bassist Nagisa (渚), ex-UnRealistic, joined the band to release their first single -CHAIN-.

At the moment RIR’s discography can be counted on the fingers of one hand, with a demo CD titled “Rosé / MIRAGE-toxical love story-“, their first single release “-CHAIN-“, and a newly released live-distributed single “Eternal~Katsubou no sora~”.

The band is quite considerate of their overseas fans, and thus created a Twitter account tweeting only in English! In this account you will find all the news regarding the band and the messages of the members translated completely in English. Also, they have a music video for -CHAIN- with subtitles in English too. Enjoy!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (English)
Twitter (Japanese)
Twitter (Kuro)
Twitter (TaJI)
Twitter (Nagisa)
Twitter (Ame)



Vexent formed this past year as well and commenced activities on July 14. In regards to their members, Vexent is composed of vocalist Mako (真虎), guitarists Touka (燈華) and Mirai (未来), bassist Yuito (ゆいと) and drummer Levi (レビ). Levi, who was previously known as Hiro comes from the now disbanded 2nd Dyz.

Their first single Omega (オメガ) was released on November 2. The band anticipated the arrival of the single uploading the full music video of the title-track to their YouTube channel.

If you like what you are hearing, stay updated with JROCK NEWS, because this band will soon release their second second single ARTERY, on March 2!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Mako)
Twitter (Touka)
Twitter (Mirai)
Twitter (Yuito)
Twitter (Levi)
Blog (Touka)
Instagram (Mako)

Did you guys enjoy these new bands? Let us know if you spot any other new bands you would like and share with us, and as always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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