Instrumental band mouse on the keys are set to release a live album from their recent recording session at Red Bull Studios Tokyo on March 5, which will be distributed exclusively on a corresponding tour commencing on the same date, the details of which are available at the bottom of this page. The album will include ten tracks, all of which are live renditions of songs from their previous studio albums and EPs. Nuanced with jazzy digressions, explosive rhythmic outbursts, and often frantic piano harmony, Live at Red Bull Studios Tokyo effectively captures the energy mouse on the keys are colloquially revered for in their live performances. Red Bull Studios Tokyo has posted three of the tracks from the session to their SoundCloud as a teaser for the release, which can be heard below.

Turning ten years old this year, mouse on the keys have been showcasing their distinctive musical style, a piano-centric focus on experimental rock, for an applaudable stretch of time. Through sparse releases and extensive touring, the band has garnered the support of a wide audience across the world, in addition to creating a respected reputation domestically within the Japanese instrumental rock scene, frequently playing with other instrumental notables like jizue and LITE . Earlier in 2016, mouse on the keys set off to Canada for a tour of nine shows between February 4 and 19, the first tour outside of Asia since putting out The Flowers Of Romance, their most recent full-length album. Immediately following, they will be playing four shows to celebrate and distribute the release of Live at Red Bull Studios Tokyo in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, and Onomichi this March. And as if they weren’t busy enough, quickly succeeding their return from Canada, mouse on the keys announced an eight show European tour, set to take place in late April and early May. During this excursion, they will be stopping by for numerous headlining performances in England and Germany, one night in Luxembourg as part of the Out Of The Crowd Festival, and a single date in Poland to close the tour, giving international fans another chance to see mouse on the keys in their natural environment. In lieu of touring and a live release, the best way to understand the organic appeal is to see for oneself. Here is a clip of mouse on the keys performing saigo no bansan (最後の晩餐) in 2011, one of the tracks included on their upcoming live distributed release Live at Red Bull Studios Tokyo.

“Live at Red Bull Studios Tokyo” Release Tour

Date Location Venue
March 5 Nagoya, Japan Live & Lounge Vio
March 6 Tokyo, Japan UNIT
March 11 Osaka, Japan Shangri-La
March 12 Onomichi, Japan John Burger & Café
mouse on the keys' European Tour 2016

mouse on the keys’ European Tour 2016

Live at Red Bull Studios Tokyo

Regular edition


  1. completed nihilism
  2. spectres de mouse
  3. aom
  4. reflexion
  5. the arctic fox
  6. saigo no bansan (最後の晩餐)
  7. ouroboros
  8. leviathan
  9. soil
  10. untitled

Live distribution

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