We’re sure some readers will recognise the Jrock band, amber gris. These guys debuted in 2009 and disbanded recently in May 2015. These five members left the stage soon after the release of their last single, Chiisana Ginka wo Hidarite ni, announcing the news during their fall down the moment show at Shinjuku BLAZE with no explanation, leaving fans bewildered and shocked.

Disbanding aside, alike many other Jrock bands with creatively English band name, have you ever wondered where they found the name “amber gris”?

The name amber gris, is actually derived from the English word “Amebergris” which is actually an important component used in perfume making. And this ingredient is actually—wait for it—whale puke.

This white colored stinky rock-like block, is a natural phenomenon caused when a whale eats a squid. The squid beak is very sharp which causes irritation inside the whale, so it’s natural defence is to cover this hard beak with a waxy matter and thrown up. This then floats in the ocean, reacting with the salty water and the sun, creating the pleasant musky smelling ambergris perfumers use today. It is the perfect material due for perfume thanks to it’s sticky properties, with it’s musky smell being a bonus making this grizzly and bizarre ingredient a much sort after item.

It has recently been reported that a piece of ambergris the size of a head went to auction for over $10,000. Next time you take a walk along the beach, watch out for these blocks of ambergris because it could make your a fortune. Let’s take a moment to remember the band that has been around for six years:

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