The new metal sensation Ohayo Gozaimasu, recently formed by vocaloid producer Utsu, just announced their very first album MONO-SUGOI which will hit the doujin market on December 31, at Comiket 89.

Listening through the album digest reveals a rather unique sound that combines funky metal and metalcore, along with playful melodies. The two songs already released through YouTube are most likely well representative of the sound you should expect. We find their style quite interesting, and we’re excited to have a listen!

There is however a major monolith standing in the way for international fans if you want to get it on the release day—and even Japanese fans for the matter of fact. To get a hold of this album you will need to visit the booth “北 A-67a” (North A-67a) at Comiket 89, a marketplace for self-produced work, located in Ariake, Tokyo. Even if you live in Tokyo, it might an unpleasant experience to visit a fully crowded doujin fair, with an expected 550,000-600,000 visitors during the three dates: December 29, 30, and 31. Well, at least the entry is free.

Mail order shipping will start on January 6, though, there are no specific details regarding overseas customers as of yet.

OhayoGozaimas Monosugoi Album



  1. Intro
  2. Yabo-you Girl
  4. Sugoi
  5. Inginburei
  6. Ie VS. Dorobou
  7. Waisetsu
  8. Owaranai goraku

More info:
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