“Don’t judge a video by its thumbnail” as they say, or did I get it wrong? Maybe it was something about books and covers? Either way, Ohayo Gozaimasu is back with a new video release MIMIZU IN THE DANCEFLOOR. Despite the low-resolution video, it’s a really catchy metal song with groovy pop influences, featuring really playful guitars!

Obviously to fans who already known the bassist UtsuP—who is otherwise well known for his metal Vocaloid songs fused with EDM—the core of this music sounds very alike. However, generally speaking, as they only revealed two tracks so far, Ohayo Gozaimasu sounds more progressive and feels so much more alive with the addition of Sabi’s screams!

Still to this day there is no actual release date for any of the currently released songs, all they left us with is a message telling us to wait awhile and an arrow pointing to animated seals to comfort us.

Ohayou Gozaimasu Seal Animation

Ohayo Gozaimasu telling us to wait for awhile and then points a seal animation. “↓Seals”.

The guys also revealed a new group photo and logo.

Latest group photo of Ohayou Gozaimasu.

Latest group photo of Ohayo Gozaimasu, revealing their new logo.

More info:
Ohayo Gozaimasu Official Website
MergingMoon Official Website
Twitter (band)
Twitter (Utsu)
Twitter (Nagi)
Twitter (Saba)

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