Lead-man and vocalist for ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Gotch, has written a song for Brazilian artist, ACE. The music video above is the full version of their collaborative track Butterfly Effect. This track will be on due to be out on 28 December on the ACE’s first 15 track album titled Straight.

Gotch raps at on this track so it is pretty interesting to hear his 1:39 minute into the video.

ACE is Brazil-born freestyler, who frequents the MCBattle around Japan, apart from this, there is not much information about this artist.

We were a little excited when we saw “R-Shitei” on track six “Oborozuki -Mitsuhomoe”, but we found that it is actually a rapper who goes by the same name. Here is the video in question:

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More info:
Official Website

Ace Official Website

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