Thank you to everyone who took part in’s Grand Opening competition sponsored by JPU Records. We’ve had over 300 entries with many JRock fans messages of why they should win and we have spent a long time filtering through the best replies. First prize includes six albums; GazettE’s NIL, Stacked Rubbish and DIM, Ling Tosite Shingure’s I’mperfect, Boom Boom Satellite’s Embrace, and Dempagumi’s WWDD. Three runner-up prizes includes two JRock CDs in a mystery bag! It was a very difficult decision but finally we have come to the results for the Grand Give-Away.

Note for winners, please send us a private message via Facebook or Twitter!

Winners of the runner-up prizes

τζενη Νασαι      


Harry Ottmann

The Grand Prize Winner is Theodora Raphael

It was obvious from her comment that she spent time and tended to her reply with great detail to write up the winning reasons. We’d love to keep the JRock music flame burning even after you have loved JRock for over a decade. Very well done and congratulations Theodora! You are the winner of the Grand Opening Prize! Please take a look at her comment below.

I think I should win because JRock is a vast part of my life and a part of me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to listen to this music and see the bands live! I became a fan when I discovered it at the age of 14 (courtesy of Malice Mizer). I am now 27 and my love for this music has never ebbed in the slightest. Buck tick have been my favourite band for the entirety of this period, and I truly think my love for them and the other artists that are still going like Merry, Dir en grey, Sukekiyo, Lynch, Sheena Ringo, Bo Ningen, MUCC, Kamijo (and many more) will never change. I still love the bands that have since disbanded, such as Deadman, 9goats black out and despairs ray. I listen to JRock music constantly and it makes me happy like nothing else can. If I were to win I promise those CDs would be put to good use! Also I avidly watch edohsama – JRock updater and look for news and updates of the latest music every day. I can say with sincerity that I am a big fan of this website and look forward to the new one wink emoticon. Thank you for giving us this opportunity x”

Thank you once again to JPU Records and for everyone who took part. For people who did not win this time, we’ll be having more competitions very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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