Grieva has recently announced the release of a new single titled Fuminshou. If you haven’t been keeping up with the band recently, they had previously announced a new official drummer plus three singles and a mini-album. This will be their fourth single of the year and will be released on October 14. This, too, will also be a one track single, which is similar to their last three singles.

Grieva is a band that has yet to shy away from their 90’s visual kei style, furthermore keeping it strong since their start. So if Fuminshou is not a ballad, which I highly doubt for a one track single from these guys, you can expect Kyouki’s screams and growls, and the 90’s visual kei style these guys are well known for. If you like the 90’s visual kei sound and have yet to check out Grieva, then by all means, please do.

Grieva is also brandishing a new look for Fuminshou. Compared to their previous looks, this new look stands out for being the most different since the start of their activities. From their creation they have kept a similar look in a majority of their new looks so I hope you find this one as dazzling as I do. Hope you’re also looking forward to their new single Fuminshou!


Limited release 1000 yen


  1. insomnia

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