A big surprise to all the supercell fans has come to light with the recent announcement of Koeda‘s new solo project!

Vocalist Koeda from the widely known pop/rock circle “supercell” is making her debut as a solo artist under the name “Koeda (こゑだ)”, by releasing an album consisting of eight new tracks, including the main track from the music video “DanSin ‘ (Dancing)”. From the first yell in DanSin ‘ you might be able to recognize her nasal (signature) voice and feel home already, even though this wasn’t release under supercell. In fact, the sound producer of this album was actually no other than Ryo, the main composer of supercell. This might be able to explain why you’re still getting the supercell vibes. Though, all the music was indeed composed by Koeda, even so the lyrics.

Generally, it has been well known that Koeda has keeping her face hidden since she first debuted as the vocalist of supercell, thus the woman in the music video may as a matter of fact be just an actor. Basically like any other music video you might encounter from supercell.

Update: The girl in the video is actually Koeda herself!

The new album of Koeda titled “Nice to meet you.” is expected to be released next month on June 3.

Koeda – Nice to meet you.:
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More info:
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