On June 1, Luv PARADE debuts their first original mini album, JOKER, featuring five new tracks. The mini album includes Luv PARADE’s first original song NEW WORLD, previously only sold as a live-limited single. Unlike NEW WORLD, JOKER will hit shelves at events and CD shops in Japan, making it more accessible to fans.

On release day, “Luv PARADE TOUR 2024 JOKER” kicks off at Shin Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH. The tour continues through Tokyo, Saitama, Nagoya, and Osaka. For more details, check out the tour announcement or apply for tickets via e-plus.

For those able to attend the tour, you can earn one Instax polaroid session (5 shots) for each copy of JOKER purchased. This event will take place at the venue after each performance.

There will also be a series of in-store events promoting the mini album in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

Luv PARADE also released new artist photos to commemorate the release and accompanying tour.

About Luv PARADE

Luv PARADE comprises ex-D’espairsRay members alongside Defspiral vocalist TAKA. Guitarist Karyu also plays in the bands Angelo and “H.U.G”. Bassist ZERO and drummer TSUKASA also perform as part of THE MICRO HEAD4NS.

Initially a cover session band in 2009, Luv PARADE reformed in 2022 after a hiatus. In 2023, they marked their comeback with “DEVIL’S NEW WORLD”, a live concert and internationally streamed event.

Aside from their 2023 single NEW WORLD, JOKER marks their first original song release.

You can catch a live music video of the single NEW WORLD below.


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