If you’ve found yourself questioning the meaning of life lately, the visual kei band “NA.NA” is right there with you. NA.NA released two consecutive digital singles Itsuka Bokutachiha Shindeshimaunda and Ikiru on October 19 and October 20, respectively. Music videos for both songs were uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel as well.

Itsuka Bokutachiha Shindeshimaunda translates to “Someday we will die”, and as the title might imply, this is a song that explores the themes of how we are living every day and what we want to accomplish in this life before we die. Despite the seemingly morose theme, the song itself is upbeat and encouraging, the kind of mood-lifting song that wouldn’t feel out of place as the theme for a shounen anime about a determined underdog character.

Though there may be dull moments or regrets in life, NA.NA’s energetic playing and heartfelt lyrics are telling you to pursue your dreams until the end.

NA.NA「いつか僕たちは死んでしまうんだ」Official Music Video

In regards to the release, vocalist Keiya tweeted:

Here is a song you can play even when you’re 75 years old.

In contrast, Ikiru translates simply to “To live”, and has a more emotional tone, with lyrics that reflect feelings more than thoughts. It still captures the concept of striving to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest, but from a different perspective compared to Itsuka Bokutachiha Shindeshimaunda.

NA.NA「生きる」Official Music Video

In addition to their new songs, the band also released new artist photos. Check them out below:

NA.NA is a three-member visual kei band, but for these releases, they are also supported by guitarist Hiroto.

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