The visual kei band JILUKA unleashes its intoxicating single VENOM (VENΦM) today at the concert at Shibuya Spotify O-WEST venue, selling as a physical limited edition before hitting digital stores and streaming services later in late October. This captivating track offers an intoxicating audio experience with its unique blend of metal and electronic sound. Accompanying the single is also a music video that was released back on September 23.

VENOM is the latest single from JILUKA, taking its signature EGM (electro gothic metal) style, and VENOM contains all elements you love from JILUKA. It includes punchy guitar riffs, brutal screams, and mind-bending electronic influenced breakdowns. The whole composition is filled to the brim with electronic instruments and effects, strings, and a choir.

In addition, Jeff Dunne reprises his role of producer with a unique take on metal production that fits the band’s sound and style perfectly. You might remember Jeff Dunne recently taking part in DEVILOOF’s EP.

JILUKA - VENΦM (Official Music Video)

As for the music video, it is packed with aggressive flashy lights and neo-futuristic cityscapes. Similar to JILUKA’s last music video OVERKILL, the new video features contrasting hints of holy imagery.

Present in the music video for VENOM is a new look which is familiar to JILUKA fans, but offers a different taste to the previous singles BLVCK and OVERKILL. Take a look below!

JILUKA is one of the most popular modern visual kei acts, known for its unique blend of metal and electronic sound combined with captivating visuals. VENOM is the latest addition to its discography, further expanding upon its huge collection of songs ranging from various sounds.

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