A fantastic new installment of “YouTube Music Weekend 7.0” is commencing today, August 25, and will run through until August 27. The online event brings various videos, including live performances, talks, and new music videos prepared by each artist.

What’s special about this installment is that the theme surrounds “digital native artists” (デジタルネイティブアーティスト), which essentially refers to artists who have emerged from Japan’s internet culture using digital mediums. It focuses especially on those who have gained international popularity.

There are a total of 57 artists lined up over three days, headlined by ZUTOMAYO, Eve, Pinocchio-P, Yorushika (n-buna), Suisei, and YOASOBI.

For me, subjectively, this is without a doubt the best lineup we’ve had so far! Because of it, it’s quite a challenge to pick my personal highlights. However, a few artists I’d recommend exploring are the following (excluding headliners): Reol, Tsukiyomi, isekaijoucho, DUSTCELL, Kanzaki Iori, ASU, MAISONdes, and Chogakusei.

YouTube have conveniently put together a full playlist for each of the video, but don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite artists’ channels and set reminders for premieres.

Announcement video for YouTube Music Weekend 7.0.

YouTube Music Weekend 7.0 supported by docomo

YouTube Music Weekend 7.0

YouTube Music Weekend vol.7 artists

  1. Amatsuki (天月)
  2. Aiobahn
  3. ASU (明透)
  4. BOTCHI BOROMARU (ぼっちぼろまる)
  5. Chogakusei (超学生)
  6. Dazbee (ダズビー)
  8. Eve
  10. Guiano
  11. Hoshimachi Suisei
  12. Harumaki Gohan (はるまきごはん)
  13. Isekaijoucho (ヰ世界情緒)
  14. IA
  15. KAFU (花譜)
  16. Kanzaki Iori (カンザキイオリ)
  17. Kitsuneri (キツネリ)
  18. Kikuo
  19. Kamiyama Yoh (神山羊)
  20. Keina Suda (Balloon) (須田景凪)
  21. Kitani Tatsuya (キタニタツヤ)
  22. Whale Don’t Sleep (くじら)
  23. luz
  24. MAISONdes
  25. MECRE
  26. Meychan (めいちゃん)
  27. Midnight Grand Orchestra
  28. Mili
  29. Mosawo (もさを。)
  30. Narumiya (なるみや)
  31. Natori (なとり)
  33. Nornis
  34. Otoriame (音莉飴)
  36. Pmaru-sama (P丸様。)
  37. Pinocchio-P (ピノキオピー)
  38. Reol
  39. RIM (理芽)
  40. ROF-MAO
  41. sekai
  42. Shishishishi (Choisauce) (獅子志司)
  43. Snail’s House
  44. syudou
  45. TOOBOE
  46. TUYU (ツユ)
  47. Tsukiyomi (月詠み)
  48. Wanuka (和ぬか)
  49. WaMi
  50. Wolpiscarter (ウォルピスカーター)
  51. x0o0x_
  52. yama
  54. Yupshiron (ユプシロン)
  55. Yourness (ユアネス)
  56. Yorushika (n-buna) (ヨルシカ)
  57. ZUTOMAYO (ずっと真夜中でいいのに。)
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