IKEA U.S. has taken a step into the world of anime, capturing Gen Z consumers with the launch of its slice-of-life anime shorts on TikTok. The series features its iconic products, bringing them from three-dimensional to two-dimensional in captivating animated stories. If you’re not into TikTok, you can thankfully also find the shorts on YouTube.

The anime, fittingly titled “Find Your Slice of Life”, was developed by IKEA U.S. and Ogilvy New York, and animated by the award-winning studio Clubcamping who specialized in two-dimensional cel animation.

The work also extends to an online manga, both mediums showcasing various living situations where IKEA’s storage solutions provide practical relief to the unique challenges faced by each main character. These are living situations that resonate with Gen Z right now, such as on-campus dorms, off-campus apartments, and homes with families.

If you head to IKEA U.S.’s website, they even highlight the furniture and decor that appear in each scene, allowing you to replicate the sets.

IKEA’s foray into anime is an interesting step that underscores the global phenomenon and immense power of anime. It also shows how IKEA is trying to establish a lasting connection with the next generation to become an integral part of their lives, and ensure its legacy continues into future generations ahead.

Watch the Find Your Slice of Life shorts here:

Find Your Slice of Life: Compromise

Find Your Slice of Life: The 4th Roommate

Find Your Slice of Life: Study Space

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