Coinciding with the June 16 release of their EP album titled KALEIDOSCOPE, FEST VAINQUEUR delights fans with the upbeat Tsuki no Kakera music video. Not only does the new release celebrate the band’s 13th anniversary, but it also kicks off the start of their KALEIDOSCOPE tour, an 18-show tour across Japan.

The title Tsuki no Kakera, meaning “moon fragment”, inspires a dazzling laser light show in the music video, illuminating the band members as if the moon itself joined the choreography. Make sure to pay attention just past the two-minute mark, you won’t want to miss guitarist I’LL’s electrifying guitar solo! Watch it below!

FEST VAINQUEUR / 月のカケラ -Music Video-

The KALEIDOSCOPE EP is available in both regular edition and first press edition. The first press edition includes a second disc with instrumental versions of the tracks.

The band’s official website describes the new EP:

The night sky that you look up at, that world you peer into reflects the past, present, and future. Beginning with Tsuki no Kakera (moon fragment), we have collected our thoughts and feelings towards our 13th anniversary. A six-track EP.

Finally, the band’s new release also comes with a whole new look. Check out all the mixed prints and textures!

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