ACME returned to the US this spring, hitting the stage at Anime Detour in Minneapolis and Catch One in Los Angeles alongside QUIETUDE and EIGHT COLD HELLS. ACME bore the honor of being Anime Detour’s first-ever visual kei guest from Japan.

With a full year’s notice, fans had ample time to prepare for ACME’s highly anticipated appearance at Anime Detour 2023. ACME fans traveled far and wide to see them at the convention. Some of them came from different countries, even as far as Germany!

The weekend at Anime Detour was packed with panels, photo opportunities, and autograph signings.


As fans gathered in the queue, soundcheck could be heard from outside the doors. Upon hearing the songs being played, fans started cheering, singing, and headbanging in the hall. ACME’s music already brainwashed the audience before doors opened for the night.

The performance was a special one, considering they celebrated both vocalist CHISA and drummer HAL’s birthdays that weekend.

The band donned their costumes from the music video for Sennou, exhibiting a retro-futuristic feel. It was hard to miss HAL’s pompadour!

ACME /『洗 脳』【MV】

To kick off the night’s performance, the group opened with one of their top tracks, RISING SUN. Frontman CHISA threw the crowd into high gear by jumping and headbanging with the band immediately following.

They then performed their most recent hits, starting with Sennou, which translates to “brainwashing”. Following that was Resisted Temptation, a captivating track composed by HAL, who specifically crafted it with their American audience in mind. That was the first time both songs were played overseas and the feedback from fans was immeasurable.

After an epic performance of ROTTEN ORANGE, the group transitioned into a session, highlighting the individual members’ skills. Bassist RIKITO’s energy radiated throughout his performance as he spun and danced around the stage.

ACME is known for performing more upbeat and lively tracks—however, they performed one of their heartfelt ballads, CALL MY NAME.

The MC sessions were filled with fun, laughter, and jokes—HAL used his English skills to let everyone know ACME’s mothers are older than themselves.

Playing one of their concert staples, Zesshou Ouka, ACME brought the traditional Japanese sound to a new audience. All the while, they represented their culture and introduced the choreography fans do in Japan to the American audience.

Before the encore, the staff brought out two birthday cakes for CHISA and HAL. The audience burst into singing “Happy Birthday”, led by SHOGO and RIKITO. CHISA and HAL made their birthday wishes—CHISA hoped to return to Minneapolis, and HAL asked for world peace.

ACME’s performance showcased a majority of songs off of their WE ARE VISUAL KEI album, including newer singles. From start to finish, they enveloped the audience with their energy on stage. They had talking points throughout the set which allowed the members to be able to express their humor and personalities.

The atmosphere of each concert varies, but ACME trademarks an enchanting and inviting aura that imprints an everlasting and unforgettable memory on their audience.

Of course, reading about the weekend is one thing, but an image is worth a thousand words! You can check out one of CHISA’s video blogs from the weekend below:

CHISA VLOG#3 US TOUR 2023【初めてのアメリカ・ミネソタでのライヴ】

ACME at Anime Detour, Minneapolis, Friday, April 7, 2023


  1. Rising Sun
  2. Sennou
  3. Mononoke Requiem
  4. Resisted Temptation
  5. Come Back to You
  8. Enchanted
  9. GIFT
  10. WALK
  11. Zesshou Ouka
  13. Kagaribi

Update 2023-06-02:
It was previously stated that ACME was Anime Detour’s first guest from Japan. The report has been updated to clarify that they were the first musical guest from Japan.

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