For the first time since 2019, rock superstar MIYAVI returns to Europe and China this Fall! The samurai guitarist takes on a nine-stop tour kicking off in Warsaw, Poland on September 21, and ending in Milan on October 4. After the European circuit, MIYAVI launches into a five-stop tour across China.

This tour, titled “20th & Beyond Tour 2023 -Return of the Samurai Guitarist-” celebrates MIYAVI’s 20th anniversary as a solo artist. Ticket details will be announced on May 22, at the MIYAVI official website. Until then, stay tuned!

This flyer for the European 2023 tour circuit shows off MIYAVI’s latest look.

In addition to the tour announcement, MIYAVI launched his new official fan club on May 15. The announcement promises members plenty of fresh digital content, as well as perks such as advance ticket sales. The monthly cost is 600 JPY, and you can register online here.

MIYAVI’s fan club announcement includes a fresh new visual.

MIYAVI “20th & Beyond Tour 2023 -Return of the Samurai Guitarist-“

Europe tour

Date Location Info
September 21 Warsaw, Poland Tickets
September 23 Bucharest, Romania Tickets
September 24 Bratislava, Slovakia Tickets
September 26 Prague, Czech Republic Tickets
September 27 Berlin, Germany Tickets
September 28 Bochum, Germany Tickets
October 1 Paris, France Tickets
October 2 London, United Kingdom Tickets
October 4 Milan, Italy Tickets

China tour

Date Location Info
October 13 Beijing, China Tickets
October 15 Chengdu, China Tickets
October 18 Nanjing, China Tickets
October 20 Shanghai, China Tickets
October 22 Guangzhou, China Tickets
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