It’s definitely been a really long while for us here. Somehow we aren’t all dead. We are considerably filthy but quite alive. Anyway, straight to the news. Or the bath, we certainly need it after a year of abstinence.

This time around, we are tackling the topic of how we go about discovering new music. Things have really changed since some of us first got involved with the scene. From friends’ and video recommendations to whatever Spotify throws at you. We all have our ways of finding new bands. Although there are often similarities, there are also some interesting quirks we all have.

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Making new Japanese music discoveries – JROCK ONSEN Ep. 30

While you’re here, fill us in. What do you do to find the next big thing? And no, that is not what NBT stands for. Are you a slave to the algorithm? Do you buy all the latest releases only to be frequently disappointed and out of money? Are you willing to send some of that extremely disposable income my way? Do you rely on word of mouth? Or, are you the kind of person who looks to our staff for what to listen to next? Let us know about your discoveries. Let’s get a good soak in.

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