One of the most popular visual kei acts of the mid-2000s, DIV, announced a reunion concert that will be held on August 13 at Liquid Room Ebisu.

Surprisingly, the group released an official documentary, “NEVER DIVIDED, JUST DIVE”, with English subtitles included. In it, the members explain the reasons for their disbandment, as well as the members reflecting on the past—giving fans an insight as to what happened.

To commemorate the reunion concert, never-before-seen live performance videos will be released daily. DIV’s performance videos will be uploaded to its YouTube channel. The band will update on releases via DIV’s new official Twitter. 

Those who use the hashtag #DIVisback on Twitter can request the next live performance they would like to see next. 

The reunion concert on August 13 at Liquid Room is now taking online reservations via the ticketing service, eplus.

DIV consisted of frontman Chisa, bassist Chobi, guitarist Shogo, and drummer Satoshi. Four years of activity, abruptly, the band announced its disbandment in 2016.

The band’s most notable tracks are, “Natsu no Yukue”, “Mousou Nikki”, and “Seasons”. DIV’s discography consists of two full length albums, two EPs, and 10 singles.

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