We have some unfortunate news to post today as it has been announced that DIV will disband after their “ONEMAN LIVE 2016 “DIVE!!!”” at Hibiya Open-Air on October 10. Posted through an image on their official Facebook, it seems that Chobi and satoshi were planning on leaving the band after this live however, its been decided that they will disband altogether.

Their statement in English regarding their decision originally posted on their official Facebook is situated below:

Important message from DIV:

We have a very important message for everyone who has been dearly supporting DIV. We would like to announce that the members Chobi(Ba.) and satoshi(Dr.) have come to a decision to leave the band after their last concert, DIV ONEMAN LIVE 2016 “DIVE!!!” to be held at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on 10/10/2016(Mon.)

DIV has been active since 4/2012 and as a result of much discussion and careful consultation among the members and staff regarding the members’ future growth as a band and as individuals, we have reached a conclusion to respect each member’s decision to continue his music career individually.

We would like to deeply apologize to all the supportive fans around the world and the music industry affiliates for this unforeseen announcement. We cannot thank you enough for all your love and support. We would like to show our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

DIV ONEMAN LIVE 2016 “DIVE!!!” at Hibiya Open-Air Concert on 10/10/2016(Mon) will be the last concert performed by the 4 members of DIV, but we would like to sincerely ask of you to continue to support their individual activities in the future. Thank you.

Danger Crue Co., Ltd.

We would like to take this moment to thank the band for everything they’ve done thus far and wish the members all the best in future.

More info:
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