The virtual singer Futakuchi Mana releases the original song Enmity, packing a severe punch with lots of scream vocals and heavy guitars. Unlike most virtual singers who typically reside in the pop area, Mana focuses on metal and breaks all stereotypes. This time around, the latest song is specifically a homage to Mana’s hardcore punk roots.

Besides being a homage, Enmity is dedicated to “all survivors of any form of abuse”, Mana expresses:

I dedicate this song to all survivors of any form of abuse. May you have the strength and courage to fight and come back stronger than ever. Know that you are not alone. 🙏

While Enmity is only one minute long, we suggest that you still put your seatbelts on, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

【ORIGINAL SONG】ENMITY【Futakuchi Mana 二口魔菜】

Don’t forget to catch the lyrics in the YouTube description; the lyrics were written by Mana herself.

The song Enmity was released on February 12 and is available for streaming on Spotify, and for download via Bandcamp. As always with Mana’s music, they can be downloaded for free, but it’s possible to set your own price during checkout.

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  1. Enmity