On January 18, Osaka-based rapcore band UZMK unleashed the music video for Break Down. Break Down is the B-side track to their EP NEW WORLD, released last year under TWILIGHT RECORDS. The track destroys barriers between genres, blending rap-style vocals seamlessly into a harsh metal sound.

This electrifying video weaves live concert footage with the lyrics to Break Down. One of the live performances featured is from Dogimazun, a yearly rock festival hosted by UZMK. The festival has previously hosted famous bands like Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, MAN WITH A MISSION, Crystal Lake, and The BONEZ.

UZMK pivots vocals between three members—rapper JUU, and singers CANDY and Kazuto. Break Down highlights all three of them and their unique range. Check out the high-voltage music video below.


While the graphics on the screen mainly reflect the lyrics, the band drops an interesting message around the 1:54 mark. Although unsung, it confronts us with the band’s raison d’etre. They seem to not care about what era they’re in, or what the current trends are. They say the scene is “bored as hell”, and asks where all the loud bands have gone. They round out the message with a rallying cry of “Fuck off! You can make it if you believe in it”.

An instant on the screen, but something we’ve been thinking about all day.

UZMK just signed to TWILIGHT RECORDS last year, but we can’t wait to see what they make next!

In Osaka? UZMK’s next live takes place on March 5, 2023 at the venue Americamura DROP.

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