Formed in Japan with roots in China and song lyrics in English, the new multinational band LYNCS debuted strongly with their single “NIGHT WHISPER”. The song dropped on November 18 across a wide variety of streaming platforms, along with a music video that is available to watch on YouTube.

The cyber gothic metal band consists of two members: vocalist NOCTIS ZANG and guitarist 凛-Lin- (ex. Lilith), who also contributes both bass and music programming. The duo is supported by drummer YUE (ex. Lilith).

The band’s concept “The Darkest Link to the Lights” centers on the world of night, and their first song is a symbolic work, reflecting that. The concept expresses that by knowing the darkest place, they know the meaning of the strength of the light. The music video embodies this concept by featuring the nightscape of Tokyo’s city lights under a shining moon.

凛-Lin- already has a record of rich and beautiful compositions, drawing on his Chinese heritage to bring new elements to the visual-kei music scene. It will be exciting to see how LYNCS will continue to push boundaries and cross borders with its music.

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