The band SUGAR IN THE CLOSET has announced that vocalist “Kai.” has left the band due to differences in goals. It has only been around six months since the formation of the band in May, and they’re already losing a member, one that is quite vital, which some might say. Vocalist Kai.’s comment details how they started to feel a gap between his image and personal goals of the band compared to the rest of the members.

The collective conclusion they arrived at was that it wouldn’t be right for Kai. to continue adjusting to the other members in regard to music. The band will continue as a three-piece, with each member playing their respective instrument as well as delivering vocals.

Vocalist Kai.

Vocalist Kai.’s withdrawal announcement

Thank you for your continued support of SUGAR IN THE CLOSET.

Vocalist Kai. will leave the band on October 14, 2022.

The band’s activities will be pursued by guitarist yutori, bassist Taku, and drummer Atsuki as a three-piece lineup, starting with the scheduled performance from October 25. We hope for your support from now on, thank you.

Vocalist Kai.:

Please accept our apologies for such a sudden announcement.

After some time spent together as a band, we started to feel a gap between the image that I and the members had of the band, reflected in inconsistency between my personal goals and the goals of the band.

After numerous discussions, the band, including myself, came to the conclusion that it would not be right if someone has to adjust themselves to others to do music and took today’s decision.

This may sound stereotypical, but this decision was taken for the sake of each of us so we can keep going on even separately, so please keep supporting us all.

It was for a short time, but I sincerely thank you for having supported SUGAR IN THE CLOSET as a four-piece band.

SUGAR IN THE CLOSET has released one album as of writing titled “You don’t know yet how to taste seasonal change..

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