SUGAR IN THE CLOSET is a new four-piece band consisting of members previously found in Pentagon, and TRNTY D:CODE.

Vocalist “Kai.” is a former TRNTY D:CODE member, while guitarist yutori, bassist Taku, and drummer Atsuki are former Pentagon members. Bassist Taku was previously a guitarist in Pentagon but has switched roles for this band.

At the same time as announcing their formation, the band shared the release of their first album titled “You don’t know yet how to taste seasonal change.”. It features a total of 13 tracks and is scheduled to be out in June 2022.

In a news article surrounding SUGAR IN THE CLOSET’s formation and music, they are said to be “in search of new music that could reflect our era and our generation” which “blends into everyday life”:

SUGAR IN THE CLOSET is in search of new music that could reflect our era and our generation, in total opposition to a fantasy theatrical sound that is otherwise created to escape reality. Their sound soaks in nature and hearts, acting like an antenna that picks up on the slight emotional disturbances caused by the events around people.

yutori, who wrote the lyrics for most of the songs on their first album stated, “I wanted to assemble a single work where words and sounds could simultaneously come to life and fade away in a very specific moment, made of fleeting memories lying deeply in a corner of my mind”. The name of the album, “You don’t know yet how to taste seasonal change.”, is filled with the desire to catch the beauty of new season changes, often perceived as a melancholic periods full of apprehension, by paying attention to the sounds that blend into everyday life.

The main characteristic of the band is its ability to compose music with the members’ distinct sensibility and who are particular about details. Composed of 13 tracks, this long album is the result of two years of a trial and error process, in which each member put all their energy into “paying attention to the sounds that blend into everyday life”.

The announcement of the album also brings the reveal of their retro music video for the chill second track milk. On top of that, there are previews available for the tracks slowly, Room303, and baking soda.

SUGAR IN THE CLOSET - milk (Music Video)

Something interesting is that SUGAR IN THE CLOSET also provided album notes that are available on their website. The notes speak of the negative image of seasonal changes, and the impact it has on our body and mind—sometimes for no reason. As well as the importance of our personal perception of things that surround us and our understanding of whom we are during times of low self-esteem, rather than trying to artificially raise it.

The band’s desire is to show the beautiful things in our daily life no matter how ordinary it is—instead of trying to escape them. They hope that this album will act as a filter that will let us enjoy these seasonal changes.

SUGAR IN THE CLOSET will hold its first performance on June 17 at Spotify O-WEST titled “You don’t know yet how to taste seasonal change.”. Tickets for the performance are available to purchase now.

Check out their distinct artist photos with the members styled in vintage clothing.

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  1. in the closet
    in the close
  2. milk
  3. She is ironic
    She is ironic
  4. Yuutai Ridatsu
  5. orange
  6. Room303
  7. slowly
  8. 1837
  9. Off my chest
    Off my chest
  10. What day?
    What day?
  11. baking soda
    baking soda
  12. Waves
  13. sugar
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