The day of October 31 ends the month on Halloween, undoubtedly the spookiest celebration of the year, and the band Fukuro is here to embrace it with their music video for “Bakemono Watashi ni wa”. Said song is taken from their third mini-album “Dramaturgy” released on October 12.

The music video uses 2D animation and psychedelic imagery, emphasizing the band members’ playful energy and performance of the whimsical tune.

Each member jigs about in the old-fashioned, warmly-lit house as comic-like visuals swirl and pop on screen. Meanwhile, vocalist Yoshiatsu sings to the apple he’s holding as if to tell the fruit a fairy tale. A surprised little girl also wanders around the house unbeknownst to her surroundings, before interacting with the band.

Those psychedelic visuals found in the music video have been translated into their artist photos for the song and outfits.

Update October 17, 2022: We previously stated that the single “Bakemono, Watashi ni wa” was not yet released. We’ve corrected this to state that it was released on October 12.

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  4. Dorobou no March
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  6. "Mitei"
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