Korean visual kei project Madmans Esprit will release its anticipated third full-length album on October 22, titled “Naneun naleul tonghae ulileul boneun neoleul tonghae naleul bonda”. A preview of the new album has been released on YouTube, uncovering a dark and heavy album!

Madmans Esprit - 3rd Album 「나는 나를 통해 우리를 보는 너를 통해 나를 본다」 Album Preview

Although the preview only gives a snippet of each song, we are looking forward to hearing the full-length release!

Pre-orders for the album and new merchandise opened on September 10. There are also several bundles to choose from that include signed CDs and an exclusive video interview. Items can be shipped around the world, available now on the official No Authority online store.

Madmans Esprit is Korean independent artist Kyuho’s solo project. Kyuho writes all music and lyrics for Madmans Esprit and he is joined on stage by regular support members for exciting live performances.

Madmans Esprit combines aesthetics and musical influences from visual kei and various genres within metal, giving birth to a unique sound described as “Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop”. Their lyrics seamlessly blend Korean, Japanese, English, and German as Kyuho growls, screams, and sings operatically. With a unique sound and appeal, the band’s work can be appreciated by fans of visual kei, metal, and other genres.

Madmans Esprit’s music is available on Spotify, and Apple Music. It can also be purchased directly from the artist on Bandcamp, or from the No Authority shop which also carries merchandise. For more information, please visit their official website.

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  1. 죽었으면
  2. 자해와 해방
  3. 妄誕詩
  4. Bitter
  5. Seoul
  6. Hass und Ignoranz
  7. 이분법
  8. 씨발
  9. 내버려둬 (Leave me alone)
  10. Idon’tknowwhoIambutthesexgoeson
  11. 백골의 정원
  12. 해부
  13. 蟻夢