On July 10, metalcore visual rock quartet ACME released the music video for their 14th single, Kagaribi. Kagaribi is also available to download and stream across platforms worldwide.

As always with ACME, the melody comes first and foremost. In the artist statement, the band says that Kagaribi means “bonfire”, or a fire built in a metal basket as seen in the music video. According to ACME, the message of this song is for the band to be like a fire, calling everyone to meet together.

You can check out the uplifting, energetic music below. The band also sports a new look for this release, where striking monochromatic costumes meet toned-down color palettes. However, vocalist CHISA stands out with a striking pair of red enamel pumps.

ACME /『Kagaribi』【MV】

ACME is on their WILD FIRE North America tour now, with two sold-out shows in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. At time of publication, tickets are still available for their remaining shows at Dallas, TX, Toronto, ON, Canada, New York, NY, and at Tekkocon in Pittsburgh, PA.

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