As the hiatus of “lynch.” continues, their bassist Akinori has formed a three-piece rock band named VIVACE. Akinori is joined by vocalist and guitarist Kouji Muraya formerly in the band redballoon, as well as drummer HAZE who previously played in PICK2HAND, also known as P2H.

An article on VIVACE states their desires as a band:

Muraya, Akinori, and HAZE had crossed paths before, and with their extended experience in various music genres, formed a minimalist three-piece band with the desire to “deliver raw, wild, and straight rock’n’roll music made by people”. The band’s name “VIVACE” is one of the tempo indicator terms used in classical music, meaning “vigorous”.

In light of VIVACE’s formation announcement, the band has revealed the music video for the captivating song Shunkou. Their performance of Shunkou takes place in a derelict location which perfectly showcases how they live up to the band’s name. You can now listen to the song on streaming services and purchase it on digital storefronts.


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