Sennzai’s album “VTTRACT” (pronounced “attract”) is going to be released worldwide on April 24 and introduces a variety of interesting new sounds.

With Sennzai sharing a preview for the sixth solo album VTTRACT we’re presented a range of musical styles across the upcoming work. Beyond the typical atmospheric or energetic rock songs, Sennzai has also introduced hip-hop and rap to her skillset which we can fully revel in soon, starting on April 24, when the work will be officially released at the Japanese convention “M3”.

This time around, Sennzai has worked with a lot of interesting composers to create the album, such as Aoi, PRIDASK, INFX, Ella Jung, Kasokaso, gyapich, and Tsukagoshi Yuichiro. But also taking help from Keinoaza to mix a couple of tracks, and Puru who mastered the album.

Enchanted by the singing voice that weaves in layers

【XFD】Sennzai 6th Solo Album 『VTTRACT』【M3-2022春】

In addition to the preview, the music video for Bloody Garden is available in its entirety, a song composed by Aoi.

【MV】Bloody Garden / Sennzai

Overseas fans can rejoice to know that the physical release will be available to order via stores like DIVERSE DIRECT, BOOTH, Melonbooks, and TANO * C STORE. However, among these stores, only DIVERSE DIRECT will offer direct shipping. The other stores will refer you to their preferred proxy shipping services.

Specifically for FANBOX supporters, at the store BOOTH, it will be possible—within a limited number—to order the album with goods. The goods include a clear folder, holographic acrylic key chain, microfiber cloth, and postcard (set of three).

Additionally, openly available to all fans, it is possible to order an autographed acrylic stand via BOOTH which is made to order and available from April 16 at 18:00 to May 1 at 23:59.

Digital download will be available via Bandcamp, and we can expect to see the album on streaming services around the beginning of June—which Sennzai mentioned in her album celebration livestream.

To learn more about Sennzai and her work, head over to our exclusive interview with Sennzai where we dig deep into her decade-long career.

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  1. The darkest night
    The darkest night
  2. Bloody Garden
    Bloody Garden
  3. Not a God
    Not a God
  5. solitude
  6. Seize Your Future
    Seize Your Future
  7. Homura
  8. Bloody Garden (Instrumental Ver.)
    Bloody Garden (Instrumental Ver.)
  9. Not a God (Instrumental Ver.)
    Not a God (Instrumental Ver.)
  10. UNINHIBITED (Instrumental Ver.)
    UNINHIBITED (Instrumental Ver.)
  11. solitude (Instrumental Ver.)
    solitude (Instrumental Ver.)
  12. Seize Your Future (Instrumental Ver.)
    Seize Your Future (Instrumental Ver.)
  13. Homura (Instrumental Ver.)
    焔 (Instrumental Ver.)