Ever dreamed of being a band manager? Now you can make that dream a reality with this Jrock-themed card game, “Battle of the Bands”!

Battle of the Bands is a deckbuilding card game where players select an artist to manage and help them ascend to the Jrock throne. Each player’s goal is to get their chosen band to the throne. Lose, and your band goes on indefinite hiatus!

“He is beauty, he is grace. He’ll guitar slap you in the face.”

How does it work?

The rules are simple. Simply choose a band to back and help them fight their way to fame! By conquering venues, earning revenue, and gaining fans, players collect “Influence Points” necessary to win the throne for their band. But watch out, some cards like “Groupie” make you lose Influence!

The first player to earn 20 Influence Points wins the “Jrock Throne”, and the game.

A sample of some of the cards in the starter deck!

What’s included?

The starter deck includes three artist cards, as well as venue and resource cards. The resource cards make it really feel like you’re in the industry, for instance:

  • Groupie
    Stalks you and airs all your dirty laundry on Tanuki.
  • Crazy Bangya
    Reads all your dirty laundry on Tanuki, but at least buys your merch.
  • Bangya Hivemind, Furitsuke Fever!
    For each “Crazy Bangya” card in Play, earn an additional 1 Influence.
  • Exclusive Interview
    Gain Revenue and Influence!
  • Major Label
    Senpai noticed you! And is writing all your songs now.
  • And more!

Battle of the Bands goes on sale via CDJapan on April 1. Celebrating the launch of Battle of the Bands, the limited “First Press” edition starter deck includes one of three random holographic artist cards. “First Press” edition is limited in quantity, so be sure to preorder before this perk disbands for good!

Be on the lookout for more artists, venues, and resources in future booster packs!

Update 2022-04-05: Happy April Fool’s! ^_^

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  • 1 random holographic artist card
  • 52 starter deck cards