Former D’espairsRay members have after more than a decade revived their session band Luv PARADE, consisting of guitarist Karyu, bassist ZERO, and drummer TSUKASA! Vocalist HIZUMI formerly in D’espairsRay also makes a contribution as a designer.

Luv PARADE announced its revival on April 1 which was accompanied by the announcement of a live event titled “DEVIL’S PARTY 2022 sponsored by Luv PARADE“, scheduled for June 20 at Spotify O-EAST. This event brings in a lot of musicians from notable bands in the visual kei scene, and the result of all this is the four acts that will perform.

  • Luv PARADE
    Built around the three pillars of D’espairsRay: guitarist Karyu, bassist ZERO, and drummer TSUKASA. Vocalist TAKA from defspiral joins in as guest vocalist.
    A project consisting of a subset of THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S band members, with drummer TSUKASA as a support member.
  • Karyu Session Band
    A session band consisting of vocalist ryo from HOLLOWGRAM, KEEL, and TAG; guitarist Karyu; and manipulator Kazutoshi Yokoyama.
  • defspiral

And the connections to D’espairsRay couldn’t be complete without former D’espairsRay vocalist HIZUMI! While HIZUMI is currently active in the band “NUL.“, he has still taken the time to design the logo for the event which you can find in the promotion image.

Tickets for “DEVIL’S PARTY 2022 sponsored by Luv PARADE” will start at 8,000 yen for a regular ticket and a whopping 20,000 yen for a VIP ticket. The regular ticket benefits include a “picture ticket”, while the VIP ticket includes front row seats, an invitation to Luv PARADE’s rehearsal, an “original pass”, goods, and a “picture ticket”.

Session band Luv PARADE first formed back in 2009 during the tour “D’ESPAIRSRAY’s PSYCHEDELIC PARADE”. They made a comeback on June 18, 2011—three days after D’espairsRay disbanded—and performed with defspiral’s TAKA on guest vocals. This was while vocalist HIZUMI produced the goods for their performances.

Recently, Karyu launched his own website to announce his self-titled solo project, “Karyu”, and opened up a fan club named “K’RONE”. Alongside, he opened various social media accounts as well.

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