Former D’espairsRay vocalist HIZUMI will form a new band called “NUL.” together with Toshiyuki Kishi from abingdon boys school, and MASATO from defspiral!

D’espairsRay were vigorously active not only domestically, of course, but also overseas, and had many wildly enthusiastic fans in the scene. Due to the bad condition of vocalist HIZUMI’s throat, D’espairsRay announced a pause in activities in 2010, and a breakup later in 2011.

Aside from when HIZUMI stood on stage at D’espairsRay’s special one-day reunion in 2014, he had essentially stopped all musical activities. With the formation of NUL., HIZUMI will once again stand on stage and restart his musical activities.

The three members of NUL. are HIZUMI on vocals, MASATO from defspiral on guitar, and Toshiyuki Kishi from abingdon boys school as the programmer.

HIZUMI, who is at this time still undergoing treatment, has been hesitant to work in a band due to his condition. However, his desire to sing was stronger than that; he reached out to Toshiyuki Kishi—who had produced D’espairsRay’s music after their major debut—to start the band “NUL.”. Guitarist MASATO joined in after that, and the present lineup of three is currently in the middle of production!

At this point, we don’t know what the band’s music will sound like, so we will have to wait a bit more until we get our first taste.

While being active in NUL., MASATO and Kishi will keep working with their respective bands (defspiral, and abingdon boys school).

NUL.’s first live will be held on Friday, August 16 at Shibuya Rex; we’ll definitely be able to witness NUL.’s unique sound approach who are starting from zero, the form of a brand new band, and HIZUMI’s new image.

NUL. 1st EXPERIMENT -showcase-

August 16 (Friday) Shibuya Rex

Doors open: 17:30
Starts: 18:00
Performer: NUL.

Pre-sale ¥4,500 (tax included). Price at door ¥5,000 (tax included).
*Standing live / Numbered entrance  / Drink fee

  • Advance ticket reservation
    • Type A ticket: Sale period: May 27 (Monday) 12:00 – June 3 (Monday) 16:00
    • Maximum priority reservation for WEB ”club Zy.” monthly subscribers.
    • Tickets: SKIYAKI TICKET.
    • This is an electronic ticket; after purchasing, just show the purchase screen on your phone at the venue entrance.
    • Maximum priority for monthly subscribers of club Zy. channel’s “blomaga” (ブロマガ, Blog Magazine).
  • General priority ticket release
    • Type B ticket: Sale period: June 13 (Thursday) 10:00 – August 14 (Wednesday) 23:59
    • Tickets: SKIYAKI TICKET
  • General ticket release
    • Type C ticket: Sale period: June 20 (Thursday) 10:00 – August 14 (Wednesday) 23:59
    • Tickets: e+ (e plus)

Event organized: NUL.
Supported by: club Zy.
Costumes by: BUFFALO BOBS

Promotion image for NUL.’s first performance at Shibuya Rex.

NUL. group photo.

More info:
Official Website
Facebook (MASATO)
Facebook (Toshiyuki Kishi)
Twitter (HIZUMI)
Twitter (MASATO)
Twitter (Toshiyuki Kishi)
Instagram (MASATO)

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