BUMP OF CHICKEN has released a new digital single titled Chronostasis on April 11 and the music video that seeks to capture this intriguing concept has just dropped.

Chronostasis” derives from a Greek word that describes a time illusion—a temporary pause in time when a person is focused on an object. A common occurrence of this illusion is known as the stopped-clock illusion, where the second hand of a clock appears to stay still for longer than normal for the first time.

This song has been written for the 25th Detective Conan film, The Bride of Halloween, which came out nationwide on April 15.


Thank you for using our new song “Chronostasis” as the theme song for the movie “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween”.

We are very honored to be able to work with such a historical work.

We are also looking forward to the release of the movie to see what the end of this film will be.

  1. Chronostasis
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