Last month, SiM released the short version of the heavy theme song, The Rumbling, for the shounen anime “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2” (Shingeki no Kyojin). At last, we can now enjoy the full version as the band released it digitally on February 7.

And just as important as the full release, SiM followed up by displaying a preview for the official band music video that is said to be launched “soon”. Fans are already aware of how heavy this song is, and combining it with the infernal footage—as seen from the teaser—it just got so much more epic! Notably, the setting of the music video is themed around Attack on Titan so we’re in for an action-packed treat.

SiM - "The Rumbling" Official Teaser

Previously, we’ve seen the release of the anime sequence music video for The Rumbling on YouTube, unveiled in conjunction with the airing of the anime itself. Impressively, it surpassed 10 million views in less than three days, and as of writing, it sits around 35 million views!

On top of the YouTube success, the short version of the song reached top 10 in 28 countries on the iTunes Rock chart, and the top 10 in 25 countries on the Apple Music Rock chart.

On Spotify, it reached number 4 on the global viral chart, and top 10 in 51 countries, while overall charting in 62 countries.

Additionally, the song hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart on January 29!

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