If you’ve ever wanted your own personal rock musician HYDE at home, you’re in luck. To celebrate HYDE’s 20th anniversary as a solo artist this year, he’s collaborating with Japanese dollmaker Volks for a limited edition doll that looks exactly like him.

For the small price of 198,000 JPY (about 1,738 USD), he could be yours!

This ball-jointed doll is a Super Dollfie Graffiti model, clocking in at 62 cm (about 22 inches) tall. The set is limited to only 200 pieces.

The set also includes a wig in HYDE’s signature blonde shag cut, his rosary necklace, and the full outfit pictured from his hat to his boots. To top it all off, they throw in a life-size version of the rosary necklace for the owner to wear along with a two-shot photo postcard of HYDE.

Owner hopefuls take note, this doll is for sale to members of the HYDEIST fanclub only. Not only must you be a HYDEIST member, but you also have to enter a lottery for the chance to even purchase the doll!

The application period is now open, with results coming on February 25. The doll itself will be delivered in April.

HYDE is not the first Jrock legend to collaborate with Volks. In 2019, famed guitarist Mana and his brand Moi-même-Moitié released a collaboration Super Dollfie, limited to 31 pieces.

Volks Super Dollfie dolls, including these rare and exclusive collaborations, are handcrafted at a studio in Kyoto, Japan.

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