Just in time for Christmas, visual kei band “hide-and-seek Dorothy” releases their fifth digital single Neige chaleur on December 22.

Neige chaleur will be released on streaming services such as Spotify, and available as a deluxe edition through the at-works online shop.

Neige chaleur was created with a cozy winter feeling in mind, especially the warmth between two people. From the first guitar phrase, you can almost see snow fluttering before your eyes. Vocalist Tani Takuma sings in Japanese with some French phrases, emoting visions of magic, churches, and “smiles reflected in glass-colored snow”.

The jacket art reflects this “warmth of winter”, with a charming gingerbread house set in a snowglobe. The song seems perfect to listen to with a loved one this holiday season.

Jacket art for the digital single “Neige chaleur”.

Formed in 2020, hide-and-seek Dorothy evokes memories of the “oshare kei” boom. This comes as no surprise, as the members hail from notable bands of the day. For example, drummer Yasuno is a former drummer of Kra, and both guitarist Jouji Ni-gou and bassist ZIN were members of the underground group Inugami CIRCUS Dan.

Their sound is upbeat and bright, with notes of jazz. Vocalist Tani Takuma hits impressive, melodic notes, singing in a style that bridges genres. Fans of fantasy-themed bands will enjoy their charming sound and worldview.

You can sample their style in their recent music video, “Kazarareta watashi to toge to kotokire no heya”.

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