Hatsune Miku is once again bridging together worlds with a new event MIKU BREAK. Set to take place on December 12, “MIKU BREAK ver.0.9” is an in-person and livestream concert combining street cultures, such as dance and rap performance, and is topped off with cutting-edge technology by THINK AND SENSE. It is described as a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Miku that we haven’t seen before.

Besides the virtual diva Hatsune Miku, the event features the tech fusion dance group CONDENSE. Fans of the anime Naruto might be familiar with at least one of the members, which is the rapper SHUN. He has previously performed the ending theme song “Never Change feat.Lyu:Lyu” for “Naruto: Shippuden”.


The livestream can be accessed through FAVER.tv and participants will be able to make donations during the stream, of which a portion will go to charity.

If you’re lucky to attend the concert in person at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’, Japan, make sure to grab the iOS or Android app to elevate the experience!

MIKU BREAK ver.0.9

  • Date: December 12
  • Time:
    • Open: 18:30 (JST)
    • Start: 19:00 (JST)
    • End: ~19:45 (JST)
  • Ticket price: 3000 yen (3000 “FAVER coin”)
  • Sales period: Until December 12, 19:15 (JST).
    • It is recommended to purchase tickets at the latest 17:00 (JST) to make sure the tickets are delivered in time.
  • Tickets: https://faver.tv/live/show/21
初音ミク×CONDENSE『MIKU BREAK』プロジェクト始動 - 12/12プレライブ『MIKU BREAK ver.0.9』開催決定!

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