ELFENSJóN is at the end of its promotional month that leads up to the winter album EPHEMERA and has finally landed on the last big reveal, the fierce and explosive song Naraku no majo (Witch of Abyss)! As of November 24, it is available for digital download and streaming and presents itself as a fantastic eye candy music video too. The new material comes after the previous song Toge was released earlier this month.

Available as a stand-alone single, Naraku no majo is also present on the album EPHEMERA but has seeped its way out to promote the upcoming work. Thanks to the EPHEMERA album page, published on the same day as the single, we now know that the eight-track album will be available on Christmas Eve, December 24. However, look forward to December 10 at 21:00 (JST) as that’s when you’ll be able to start pre-ordering the album.

Kurose Keisuke (黒瀬圭亮), the leading member of the circle ELFENSJóN, has been hard at work in making their music more accessible to the overseas fans. He has also as of lately shared more social media posts in English, and for Naraku no majo, he stated:

We released ELFENSJóN’s latest music video “Witch of Abyss” on YouTube.

It’s a very cool song with a shuffle beat, so please listen to it a lot! The artwork are wonderful as always.

Maybe the most pleasantly surprising element of the single is the inclusion of the guest vocalist YURiCa, also known as Hanatan (花たん), who is associated with circles like cordelia, THE OTHER FLOWER, and more. She is a household name in the utaite (cover artist) and doujin (self-produced) scene.

In my opinion, YURiCa’s voice works extremely well with melancholic and fierce rocks songs like Naraku no Majo, and having ELFENSJóN recognize that fact too, I hope this means we’ll continue to see more of her appearance.

As of writing, even with the full tracklist and artwork unveiled on the EPHEMERA album page, there are unfortunately no details on the other tracks outside of the already pre-released songs Toge and Naraku no majo. The page in its current state serves as a teaser, but on December 10, it will be updated with much more details.


The German word “Elf” means “eleven” (10+1, “the last one”), and Sjón means “vision”. Together it forms ELFENSJóN: “The last and another vision”.

ELFENSJóN is a contemporary production group formed at the end of 2018, centering around compositions and arrangements by Keisuke Kurose, and artwork by Kachiru Ishizue. The purpose of the group is to build a new worldview based on the music and illustrations that heed to “dark fantasy”.

  1. Naraku no majo
  1. Toge
  2. 奈落の魔女
  6. 暁を葬れば
  7. 烙印の名は赫く
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