NANO has today launched its first episode of the new podcast “NANO to the WORLD”. The show is aimed at the global audience where NANO and their co-host Brandon Schindewolf, or “Brandon-sensei”, share all the interesting things about Japan. Topics such as Japanese music, animation, and culture.

Since the show is aimed towards a global audience, the podcast is in English, targeting fans of Japanese entertainment content worldwide.

The first episode is now out on Spotify where the two hosts give a brief introduction as to what we can expect from future episodes. A new installment of “NANO to the WORLD” will be released every second Monday at 05:00 (EST).

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With similar backgrounds of both being from the states, and having similar aspirations of spreading Japanese music to the world, both NANO and Brandon will share their unique perspectives in the coming episodes.

It’s a very hands-on and down-to-earth podcast, so NANO has stated that they will make sure to personally go through questions and comments that get sent in. Either via the hashtag “#nano_world“, or via direct message on the new social media accounts: @nttwofficial on Twitter, and @nanototheworld on Instagram.

If you were hoping to learn more about NANO’s mysterious past, make sure to give JROCK NEWS’ podcast a listen too, because we were guested by NANO and they revealed some exclusive stories that have not been shared anywhere else!

About NANO

Born in New York, United States, NANO is an English-Japanese bilingual singer with powerful vocal talent who began their career in 2010 posting song cover videos to YouTube and niconico and has since nurtured a strong international fan base. Their first major debut album “nanoir” came in March 2021 and cracked the top 10 of the Oricon Daily Rankings in Japan—a rarity for brand-new artists. NANO’s popularity continues to grow, with a voice that knows no borders.

NANO artist photo for album “ANTHESIS”.

About Brandon Schindewolf

Born in New Jersey, United States. After graduating summa cum laude with research distinction in Japanese from The Ohio State University, Brandon arrived in Japan in March 2011. In 2018, he achieved one of his major goals of joining the entertainment industry, becoming one of the first non-Japanese artist managers at a major Japanese agency, HoriPro International. In 2021, Bradon joined the contents planning company ISARIBI, and currently works with multiple talent agencies, overseas events, and anime production committees to promote voice actors, musical artists, and anime content worldwide.

Brandon Schindewolf of ISARIBI.

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