One of the best times to get into a band is in their infancy, debatably. Later in life, we all know the merch starts flowing so there’s some credit there but the early times are something else. We’re not talking about robbing the cradle, no. Just after conception when the members are finding their footing and heavily experimenting.

Although, today this is not exactly our topic. We wanted to talk about how long this infancy lasts. Rather, when is it that a band hits a point of consistency and finds its identity in the world of music? When does a band reach maturity?

Granted, there is a lot to consider here. Some of us are more on the side of a loss of experimentation. There is also talk of creating concept albums. Even walking away from punk and heading to a more mainstream sound.

So, let’s get into the bath and try not to get it too bloody while we discuss how and when a band finally hits maturity. Do they even have to? Debate me, bruh.

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People hit maturity and so do bands - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 27

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