REVIVAL OF THE ERA released their fourth single Lilith on June 30 containing three tracks in total. The band also revealed a music video for the title track Lilith that sees them performing in lavish rooms with lamp chandeliers, fancy wallpaper, and elaborate wall moldings. These visuals combined with their fairytale-esque sound effects form the basis of their explosive, destructive, and tumultuous sound.

With the fast guitar picking, bouncy and punchy rhythm, and of course the signature harsh vocals by vocalist Noname and clean vocals by guitarist and vocalist Kazumi, we have another brilliant song. The unsteady camera also helps bring the listener into the world of the song full of chaos and grief. Then there’s the song title Lilith, alongside the lyrics found in the description of the video, which appear to be directed towards the troubled young woman sitting down in the chair.

This is also drummer Lenon’s final release before withdrawing from the band, after their show on July 10, due to his chronic illness worsening. This made it difficult to play the band’s more extreme songs in a satisfactory manner. Guitarist and vocalist, Kazumi, provides a little historical background in his statement, such as meeting Lenon in his first year of high school. This eventually led to an invitation to play in a band after graduating and taking us to the present day.

  1. Lilith
  2. Crew
  3. Five Determinations
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