Reol has unveiled her first track in over a half a year titled “Byakuya” (白夜, White Midnight) that accompanies the smartphone game Alchemy Stars (白夜極光, Byakuya Kyokkou) as its theme song!

For the first time ever, Reol worked with KOTONOHOUSE with the production, and together, they set to create a song based on the game that shares the same worldview and beyond!

The TV commercial for Alchemy Stars featuring Reol’s Byakuya finally started airing nationwide on June 17. Before that, we received a few teasers over at Alchemy Stars’ YouTube channel with snippets of the song. However, we’re now able to get a good glimpse of the bigger portion through the animated music video.

Drop-in and experience Reol’s funky and soft rap through the emotional Byakuya:

Reol -「白夜」(白夜極光オリジナルアニメ・ヴァージョン)

Moreover, Reol shared her thoughts on the song which gives more insight as to what it expresses:

“Byakuya” is my first new song since over half a year.

Not limited to the world of video games, we all have our sense of justice that we cannot yield. We fight for beauty, console each other when we are tired, and even if we know our prayers won’t be answered, somewhere inside we still keep praying.

After spending a long, difficult, and grim time in Byakuya—almost like a journey—I hope that you can find some tranquility. That is the kind of prayer I put into this song.

I would be delighted if you would enjoy this song along with the game Alchemy Stars.



About Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars is a revolutionary mobile strategy RPG. The face-off between Light and Shadow. The Light shall guide us in confronting Darkness.

Chase the light in this new adventure set in the land of Astra—a bewitching land of science and magic where light and dark clash!

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