SID has announced on their official site a new single will be coming soon, titled Star Forest, out on May 15.

Star Forest is actually one of the original songs written for the special live show at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater which was postponed due to the pandemic in 2020. Similar to their last single Hokiboshi, and we expect the sounds to be on the brighter side judging from the artwork and single title.

Star Forest will contain two tracks, the title track composed by Shinji with lyrics by Mao—alongside an instrumental of this song on track two. The limited-edition comes with an acrylic keychain with an autograph that is randomly selected from four kinds.

  1. Star Forest
  2. Star Forest (Instrumental)
  • Early pre-order bonus: a hologram sticker available for a limited period of time until April 11 (Japan Time)
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