Marmalade butcher recently released its chaotic single SYAKUNETSU on March 24, and to follow it up, the band uploaded its music video onto YouTube, making this their first music video in seven years!

If you been listening to the single the past few days and weren’t already amazed by the skilled and attentively detailed work that is SYAKUNETSU, then maybe the music video will change your mind? In it, we can see the band members perform the song while also discovering the amazing dexterity that is required to play such an elegant and technical piece.

The music video can be seen being filmed in a stadium in connection to the 2019 World Athletics Championship, for which the pre-revised version of the song was written for.

SYAKUNETSU is available for streaming and purchase on major digital platforms.

Marmalade butcher began with Nienu’s activities in autumn of 2010 as the sole member, being the guitarist and centerpiece of it. They started their concert activities as a band in the summer of 2012. With “sexy instrumentals” as its motto, the band continues to broadcast its instrumental music: a twisted amalgamation of the styles taking inspiration from such as gaming music, electronica, post-rock, and math-rock.

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