The relatively short-lived yet prominent visual kei band ClearVeil is back from the grave, about 11 years since its dissolution! They will be performing a one-day revival concert titled “Kaigou” (邂逅) on March 28 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA. Despite the pandemic, it was decided that the concert would take place in person.

We were already teased that something was in the works back in mid-2020 via Twitter, revealing a teaser image with only the band logo and the inscription “2021”. Along with the image was also the actual tweet itself which consisted of all the band members’ names and Twitter handles—the same line up before its disbandment.

ClearVeil was a band formed in 2007, and a year later they joined UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, an indie record label established by KISAKI. After releasing several singles, a couple of mini-albums, and a studio-album in the span of three years; in 2010, the band rounded up its activities with a best-of album appropriately titled Anthology before disbanding, citing “musical differences” as the perpetrator.

Top left to bottom: Vocalist Saki, bassist HISAYOSHI, drummer Naruka. Top right to bottom: Guitarist Nozomi, guitarist Ryuto.

Twitter Nozomi
Twitter Ryuto
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